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WonderCon is This Weekend!

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I'll be on three panels on Sunday.  Come by and say hi!  Details here.

Strange Tales II Hardcover is Out Now!

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Wanna see your favorite indie comics cartoonists (and me) draw your favorite Marvel heroes? Go to your local comic shop and buy a copy today!

Comics in Education: Comics Teach Afghan Kids the Law

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I'm not totally sure what the Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System is, but here's a cool article from them about how Afghan girls and boys are learning about constitutional issues, citizen rights, and legal reform through comic books: Mohammad Aziz, Urgun District deputy director of education, distributed rule of law comic books to more than [...]

‘Nuff Said Review #11: Fox Bunny Funny

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Fox Bunny Funny by Andy Hartzell Recommended for High School and Up You'll spend hours trying to figure out what this beautifully-drawn, beautifully-told comic is all about. 'NUFF SAID!

Sketchbook: First Second Books Anniversary Art #1

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First Second is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year!  Hard to believe the hard-working folks at FS have gotten so far in just five short years.  As part of their celebration, they've asked their creators to do little original art pieces that they'll give away to supportive retailers and the like.  I'm gonna do six of [...]

Comics in Education: Maus Hits UNF Prof in the Head

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One day UNF professor Katie Monnin got hit in the head by a copy of Art Spiegelman's Maus falling off her shelf.  This eventually led to her exploring comics as a literacy tool for her doctorate. By the time she got to Kent State University to work on a doctorate in literacy, Monnin, who had worked [...]

‘Nuff Said Review #10:

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Eagle by Kaiji Kawaguchi Recommended for High School and Up When the first Asian American President of the United States makes important political decisions, he does so against a background of speed lines! 'NUFF SAID!

Gaming Bits Likes Level Up!

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This review was published last year, but it's still worth bragging about. Gaming Bits, the popular gamers' website, likes Level Up! Level Up is an upcoming graphic novel from First Second Books. The story of Dennis is one that many can relate to. Whether you are an aspiring professional gamer, game developer, game reviewer, or just [...]


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Like the entire world, I've been following the events in Japan with a stomach-twisting sadness.  Japan is home of one of the three major comics cultures in the world, and the comic book world is beginning to respond.  Check out this article over at Comics Alliance, from which I stole the image above.J Also, just found [...]

Comics in Education: Non-fiction Graphic Novels in History Class

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Goofy headline notwithstanding, here's a cool article about non-fiction comics making their way into history curricula from The London Free Press: “Comics tend to have the best of both worlds. You get that visual aspect with the intimacy of a book,” said Wiseman, whose store is sponsoring Comic Book Literacy Day March 16 at the Central [...]