2007 Michael L. Printz Award Winner

2007 Eisner Award Winner
Best Graphic Album - New

2006 National Book Award Nominee

American Born Chinese

colored by Lark Pien
published by First Second Books
recommended for High School and Up, or Middle School in Moderated Settings
available now at your comics shopyour indie bookstore, Amazon.com, and for the Kindle

I started American Born Chinese about five years into my comics career. (Though at the time, it was really more of a vocation since I wasn’t making any money at it.) Up ’til then, I’d done a couple of stories with Asian-American protagonists, but I never dealt with the Asian-American experience head-on. Since my own ethnic heritage is such an important part of how I understand myself, I knew I wanted to. I came up with three ideas and couldn’t decide which one was the best. American Born Chinese is me doing all three at once.

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