Chinese Opera Iron Man

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In September 2013, First Second Books will release Boxers & Saints, my graphic novels about the Boxer Rebellion. In previous posts, I’ve argued that the Boxers were a lot like today’s pop culture geeks and thatthe Chinese opera they watched was a lot like today’s comic books.

I’ve done some artwork inspired by that idea. Here’s this week’s: Chinese Opera Iron Man!

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3 Responses to “Chinese Opera Iron Man”
  1. PLUGO says:

    I dig it. These designs should be made and given to a wushu champ to jump around in!

  2. Don says:

    Hi Gene

    I’m a huge fan of your work and i’m really excited to see the new Avatar comic in Free Comic Book Day where Mai is the main character she is really cool and it’s a little pity that she was not so much in the current comic story’s i really wanted to see more of her interaction with Zuko and the Gaang is there any possibility that she will be more in the future comic story’s and will she have some moments with the Gaang like her having awesome action moment with Toph they would totally kick ass :D anyway i’m thrilled to find out more what happened to Ursa and the truth about Zuko’s family

    P.S Is Mai still angry at Zuko and Chinese Opera Iron Man Rock’s :)

  3. Pamela says:

    Nice job on The Search Part 1, Gene! There’s one thing I would like to ask, is the Chinese writing of Ursa’s letter done by Prof Siu Leung Lee, the guy who wrote the Chinese texts seen in the show? Because Ursa’s letter appears to be literally translated word for word and it is grammatically and structurally off at certain places. It doesn’t seem like Prof Lee’s work to me.

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