Comics in Education: My Trip to Gainesville

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Reporter Jackie Alexander writes about one of my school visits in Gainesville for The Gainesville Sun:

Having an idea for a comic book is one thing, said illustrator and author Gene Luen Yang. Putting it on paper and making money are entirely different.

“A lot of people have great ideas,” he said, “but if you go from the idea to producing something, you’re setting yourself apart from 80 percent of them.”

I quoted myself saying that because it’s true.  While doing presentations and conventions, I’ve heard many, many pitches from aspiring cartoonists of all ages.  Some of them are great, full of imagination and heart.  But to be honest, imagination and heart are cheap.  Everybody has imagination and heart.  If you really want to impress me, put some panels down on a piece of paper.  Write some paragraphs.

And if you need some help with that, check out Tom Hart and Leela Corman’s Sequential Artist’s Workshop in Gainesville!  Get trained and start making some comics!

Full article here.

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4 Responses to “Comics in Education: My Trip to Gainesville”
  1. kaci O'dell says:

    thank you for coming to my school (Howard Bishop Middle school gainsville fl)i had a great time at your speach. i would love to read one of your comics somtime. thanks agin.

    P.S. i did a comic strip for edger alen poes tell-tale heart you might be getting that soon . i hope

    • gene says:

      Hey Kaci!

      I had a great time visiting your school. Thank you for coming to hear me speak! Your Edgar Allan Poe comic sounds amazing! Keep writing and drawing!

  2. John Jack says:

    Oddly enough, this just reminded me of the Apu trilogy, which I saw about 15 years ago. I can’t remember which one was about his father–I think it was the first one–but his father was a dreamer, and it was heartbreaking to watch.

    So. I’m writing a comic. And, even if it’s a terrible comic, I will have written a comic. And that’s a step up from just wanting to write one, so thanks.

  3. rose says:

    I want example of education comic.
    If you have it, please send to my email.
    i wait it…. thank you.

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