Read Eisner Nominees For Free Online!

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As the weeks go by, more and more 2011 Eisner Nominees are showing up FOR FREE ONLINE IN THEIR ENTIRETY! I have selfish reasons for letting you know about this: My own Eisner-nominated book Prime Baby was originally serialized in the New York Times, and they still have the entire story on their website FOR FREE! I have to say, though, it’s not as reader-friendly as the print version from First Second Books.  :)

Here are links to all the nominees you can read online FOR FREE!  I’ll add more as they become available.

It’s a good time to be a comics geek, isn’t it?  Especially if you’re on a budget.

Prime Baby Got An Eisner Nom!

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Prime Baby, my graphic novella about sibling rivalry and space aliens, just got nominated for an Eisner! Thank you, 2011 Eisner Committee!  Thanks for recognizing my book, and thanks especially for all your hard work!  The Eisner Awards are incredibly important for the industry and the medium.  Reading comics is fun, but reading that many comics has to be pretty rough on the brain.

Every time the Eisner list comes out I’m reminded of all the amazing books from the year before that I haven’t read yet. (Comic Book Guy: The Comic Book sounds especially awesome.) Great to see Raina Telgemeier’s Smile, Barry Deutch’s Hereville, and  Gerry Alanguilan’s Elmer get some recognition!  Those were a few of my favorite books from last year.

Here’s a preview of Prime Baby:

2011 Great Graphic Novels for Teens

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YALSAThe Young Adult Library Services Association has just released their 2011 List of Great Graphic Novels for Teens, and Prime Baby made the list! Thanks, YALSA! You guys are the BEST! Seeing the list reminds me of all the awesome comics from last year that I still need to read, like Doug Tenapel’s Ghostopolis and Drew Weing’s Set to Sea

Prime Baby is a Mavericky Marverick

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Just got word that Prime Baby made the Texas Library Association’s 2011 Maverick Graphic Novel List!  Thank you so much, Texas Library Association!  (Specifically, the Young Adult Round Table of the Texas Library Association!)  I am honored to be listed alongside such impressive works.  Have y’all (hee hee) checked out Jason Shiga’s Meanwhile, Raina Telgemeier’s  Smile, or David Small’s Stitches?  I reckon you oughtta, on accounta all three are on the list and all three are mighty fine funnybooks.