Comic-Con International has come and gone!   I met all sorts of awesome people, got a glimpse of all sorts of awesome comics, and had all sorts of awesome conversations.  Now I’m waiting for my senses to recover from the overload.

Prime Baby lost the Eisner Award for Best Humor Publication, but congratulations to Shannon Wheeler who won with his book I Thought You Would Be Funnier!

That wasn’t the only contest I lost.  Thien Pham won our epic t-shirt contest.  The “I Love Thien Pham” t-shirt beat the “I Love Gene Yang” t-shirt by one.  I’d say congratulations to him, too, but he totally cheated.  I couldn’t find the Larges from my t-shirt for all of Thursday, and then they magically reappeared on Friday morning.

I apologize to all the people who weren’t able to get Level Up!  The copies that First Second Books brought with them sold out on Friday morning.  Thien and I were both astounded by the number of folks who wanted our book.  Thanks so much!  Also, if you haven’t checked out the two other First Second graphic novels that were released in June, you really need to:  Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol and Astronaut Academy by Dave Roman.  Amazing comics by amazing people!