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Lego Asians: Emperor Chang Wu

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It’s that time again… Lego Asians Time!  This week’s minifig is definitely the most, um, controversial one in my collection. I present to you the inscrutable Emperor Chang Wu! Now, when we consider Emperor Chang Wu, it’s important that we not fall into presentism – the tendency to interpret the past through today’s moral lens.  Emperor [...]

Chinese Opera Iron Man

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In September 2013, First Second Books will release Boxers & Saints, my graphic novels about the Boxer Rebellion. In previous posts, I’ve argued that the Boxers were a lot like today’s pop culture geeks and thatthe Chinese opera they watched was a lot like today’s comic books. I’ve done some artwork inspired by that idea. Here’s this week's: Chinese [...]

Chinese Opera Captain America

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In September 2013, First Second Books will release Boxers & Saints, my graphic novels about the Boxer Rebellion. In previous posts, I've argued that the Boxers were a lot like today's pop culture geeks and that the Chinese opera they watched was a lot like today's comic books. I've done some artwork inspired by that idea. [...]

How Chinese Opera and American Comics Are Alike

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I gotta be honest.  If you grew up on American pop music like me, Chinese opera can be hard to take. To Western ears, traditional Chinese singing can sound awfully whiny, like the singer is performing in spite of a mild head cold. While working on Boxers & Saints, however, I developed an appreciation for the [...]

The Boxers and the Power of Pop Culture

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When I tell people that my next project is about The Boxer Rebellion, they get this look in their eyes, the same look people get when they're trying to match a face with a name. Most vaguely remember hearing about it in high school history. Some know it because of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Some think [...]

Lego Asians: Short Round

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It's that time of the week again...  Lego Asians time! I know, Short Round from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom can be controversial in Asian American circles.  After all, when's the last time you saw an Asian or Asian American hero with a diminutive white sidekick?  (And no, Jeremy Lin and Chandler Parsons don't [...]

Lego Asians: Blue Samurai Guy

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A couple of years ago, I started collecting Asian Lego minifigs. You might be thinking: "Asian Lego minifigs - isn't that redundant? Aren't all Lego minifigs Asian?  I mean, they're yellow, kinda short, and they all look the same." My answer: First, stop being racist. And Lego-ist. Second, a yellow complexion in Legoworld is not an [...]

Why Grey DeLisle is Awesome

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Grey DeLisle is all of the following: 1.  The voice of Azula from Avatar: the Last Airbender 2.  The voice of Daphne Blake in a bunch of Scooby Doo Movies 3.  Awesome Here's proof of #1 and #3:

Sketchbook: Wacom Cintiq

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Finally got peer-pressured into buying a Cintiq tablet.  I love it.  Here's my third purely digital drawing.  (I'm too embarrassed to show my first two purely digital drawings.)

‘Nuff Said Reviews: TUNE

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Tune by Derek Kirk Kim Recommended for High School and Up Derek's turned his own tortured cartoonist's life into a hilarious sci-fi rom-com! 'NUFF SAID!