David Brothers writes for Comics Alliance:

Being a black comics fan can be weird sometimes, particularly if you’re a fan of mainstream comics. There’s not a lot that appeals directly to you. The black guys are mainly sidekicks or second stringers at best, and the black women consist of Storm, and that’s really about it. Theoretically cool moments like Luke Cage’s “Where’s my money, honey?” feel cornball and silly. Who talks like that? And heaven forbid should you read a comic dedicated to fighting racism, because you’re in for what’s sure to be the most simplified, condescending, po-faced tale ever. Don’t even get me started on the Professor X/Martin Luther King and Magneto/Malcolm X comparison, because that is one of the laziest, dumbest things in comics.

Not only does he share his own thoughts on race in comics, but he also drops some history on you.  I’d never heard of All-Negro Comics, a 1947 title by a group of black cartoonists.  Full article here.