At the Alternative Press Expo last weekend, someone saw Level Up on our table and told me about an organization called Graphic Medicine.  (I don’t remember your name!  Sorry!  But you were awesome.)  It was started by a guy named Ian Williams, and they’re all about finding ways to use comics in healthcare!  Here’s a snippet from their website’s introduction:

My name is Ian Williams.  I did an MA in medical humanities  (looking at the discourse of medicine using the conceptual tools of the arts and humanities).  I wrote a dissertation on medical narrative in graphic novels. it is my contention that comic/graphic fiction could be a useful resource for healthcare professionals, patients and carers. in this site i list and briefly review all the graphic novels and comic books that i have found to be relevant. I do keep finding more, however, and so will be adding reviews as I read the books.

Looks like there are all sorts of links and resources on their website.  They even hold conferences on the topic!  Check out here.