The Shadow Hero, my comic with the incredible Sonny Liew, debuts next week!  It will be released as six individual digital issues February through July.  A print trade paperback collecting all six issues will be available from First Second Books on July 15, just in time for Comic-Con!

The Shadow Hero 1: The Green Turtle Chronicles  – On Sale February 18th

The Shadow Hero 2: The Dawn of a Golden Age – On Sale March 18th

The Shadow Hero 3: Fathers and Sons – On Sale April 15th

The Shadow Hero 4: Fights You Cannot Win – On Sale May 20th

The Shadow Hero 5: True Colors – On Sale June 17th

The Shadow Hero 6: Enter the Green Turtle – On Sale July 15th

The Shadow Hero tells the story of the first Asian American superhero, with origins dating back to the Golden Age of American comics!  Check out these articles about it!

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