Pro cosplayer Alvin Duong has graciously agreed to help us promote The Shadow Hero by cosplaying the Green Turtle!

When I first talked to Alvin, I told him we could find a way around the Green Turtle’s bare-chestedness.  Alvin wouldn’t hear of it — staying true to the source material is key for him.  So here he is, embodying the Green Turtle in all his goofy Golden Age glory:


Alvin made that entire costume himself!  From scratch!  Impressive, isn’t it?

So the Green Turtle (i.e. Alvin) will be walking around Comic-Con — giving you the chance to win original art by me!

Here’s what you have to do:

1.  Find The Green Turtle at Comic-Con 2014.

2.  Take a picture of you with the Green Turtle.

3.  Tweet the picture and tag me (@geneluenyang) in your tweet.

After Comic-Con is over, I’ll randomly select one of you and send you my original art!