I’m a huge fan of the Fresh Off The Boat television show. It’s clever and funny, plus it taps into pieces of my childhood that I’ve rarely seen on a screen, large or small.

So when the folks behind the show asked me to partner with them on a project, I jumped at the chance. Superheroes play a role in tonight’s episode (5/2/17). This Saturday is Free Comic Book Day! Watch the show tonight, then go to your local comic book shop this Saturday to get a free comic from BOOM! Studios that stars the Fresh Off The Boat superheroes!

I’m a fan of both the show and the Eddie Huang autobiography that it’s based on. I know the relationship between the two is… complex. I try to reference that complexity just a teeny bit in my script. But mostly, I wanted it to be fun, full of costumes and jokes and monster fights.

Hope you dig it!