A couple months before Level Up was released co-creator Thien Pham and I had this awesome idea of doing podcasts for the month leading up to the book’s release.  Thien’s already a veteran podcaster– he’s been doing Comics Claptrap with Rina Ayuyang for years now.  He’s really good at it, mostly because he’s good at talking trash and making stupid stuff sound funny.

Anyway, we did three of these (instead of the intended five) but didn’t have our act together, so we weren’t able to release them before the book came out.

This is two months late, but here’s the first episode, featuring Editor Extraordinaire Calista Brill!

Calista works for our publisher First Second Books. She edited Level Up, which means she had to put up with our shenanigans for YEARS until the book was done. Listen closely.  Thien constantly tries to get her to talk trash, and she artfully dodges every time.