I’ve got kids, I teach a programming class, I manage a school database, I’m trying to finish one graphic novel and start up another… I got a lot of stuff going on. But I still want to tell you about awesome comics that I’ve been reading! I just need to do it in a timely manner. From now until I forget I made this promise, I’m gonna do a ‘Nuff Said Review every Monday. These will be single sentence reviews of graphic novels that I think are awesome. No sucky ones, because I don’t have time for sucky.

(“‘Nuff said,” for those of you who aren’t geeky enough to know, was Stan Lee’s old catch phrase when he was writing practically the entire line of Marvel Comics. I’m sure he had time pressures, too.)

So here’s the first:

Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer
by Dustin Higgins and Van Jensen

recommended for Middle School and Up

I bet you wish YOU could grow vampire-killing stakes in the middle of your face just by telling Grandma her fruitcake is the yummiest thing ever.