Even though I’m still kinda mad that Anaheim stole WonderCon from San Francisco, WonderCon 2013 was a BLAST. I met many amazing Avatar: The Last Airbender fans there.  Here are some pics!

Korra and Mako

Korra and Mako were waiting to get into Dark Horse’s A:TLA panel. Good looking couple! Not as good looking as Korra would be with Bolin, imho, but what do I know? My writing duties are seventy years in the past.

The Gaang and Me

The Gaang came to hang out with me at the Dark Horse booth.

Cutest Aang

This is probably the cutest Aang in the whole show.  (Sorry, Aang in previous picture.)


This picture isn’t from WonderCon 2013.  At the A:TLA panel, I met Christine who described to me this awesome Appa costume that she had made.  I asked her to send me a pic and she did!  She was right.  It’s pretty awesome.