A week or two ago, I did a promo interview with the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival.  They just put it up on YouTube!  (I know the YouTube still makes me look like I’m dealing with a serious bout of constipation while a hot Asian woman looks on, but I swear I don’t look like that though the whole video and the hot Asian woman is actually part of a poster.)

What is a film ignoramus like me doing on a promo interview for a film festival, you ask?  They’ve included a panel on comics this year, and I’ve been asked to participate!  I’ll be joining Hellen Jo (cartoonist, “Jin & Jam #1”), Grek Pak (filmmaker and comic book writer, ROBOT STORIES, “Planet Hulk,” “Vision Machine”), and Alex Rivera (filmmaker, SLEEP DEALER).

The panel takes place at 12:30 on Sunday 3/13/11 at Superfrog Gallery @ New People, San Francisco.  More info here.