Pamela Paul recently reviewed Level Up for The New York Times (NEW! YORK! TIMES!):

There are the cartoonish headline tales of Tiger Moms and their obedient, violin-playing daughters and dutiful, Intel STS-prize-winning sons. And then there are the often more complicated lives of real Asian-American sons and daughters, recently explored by Wesley Yang in his much commented-on article “Paper Tigers” in New York magazine.

Now, with both delicacy and emotional heft comes a graphic novel, “Level Up,” written by Gene Luen Yang (no relation to Wesley Yang) and illustrated by Thien Pham, a book so good it’s hard not to fall back on reviewer’s clichés.

DUUUUUDE.  The review’s so nice Thien and I will be blushing for a week.  Thanks, Pamela Paul!  Read the whole thing here.